Our Organization

We are over 20 years of experience

Man Power

The organization is being controlled by Our Business Promoter Mr. Suresh Kumar Agrawal.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Dipti Ranjan Nanda is a highly qualified individual from India’s prominent institute having extensive job experience in the concerned fields, fully conscious & dedicated for the development of company’s technical, financial& managerial status.

In addition we have over 10 Civil & Electrical Engineers, & Legal Advisor placed in all our branch offices to look after the work directly. Also we have more than 20 Civil Teams, 40 nos of skilled labour, 50 nos of semi skilled labors and approximate 80 nos of unskilled persons working for us.

Civil Equipment List

  • JCB
  • Hitazi
  • Needle Vibrators
  • Plate Vibrators
  • Mixture Machines
  • Rod winding machines
  • Rod Cutters
  • Rammering Machines
  • Shuttering Materials
  • Sooring Materials
  • Levelling Machines
  • Cube test machines
  • Cube Sample collector
  • Bar cutting machines
  • Bar bending machines
  • Bar toying machines(Imported)
  • Threading machines
  • Mechanical load test machines
  • Manual Piling machines
  • Jet piling machines
  • 2HP Diesel water pump
  • 5HP Diesel water pump
  • 10KVA DG Set
  • 7.5 KVA DG set

Safety First

We have a set of guidelines in place to provide guidance to employees / managers on how good work practices can be carried out on every activity in the construction to prevent accident to the workers and public. Strict adherence to these guidelines are followed at all places of our operation.
All workers are provided with, and use at all times, protective clothing and equipment specific to their duties. Required materials include hardhats, goggles, safety masks, gloves, safety boots, coveralls and protection harnesses. On some sites, workers may need paper face masks, plastic gloves and lab coats.
Workers have access to a sheltered room where they can safely take breaks or have their meals. The rest area or break does not pose any health or safety risks, and is always kept hygienic.

Performance Incentives

Incentives are one element of the company’s market-competitive total compensation package of pay, incentives, benefits and well-being programs. The incentive plans are designed to support a high-performance culture where employees are actively engaged in seeking customer-focused solutions to grow the business and increase economic profit. The objectives of the plans include:

  • Share Aadya Urja’s financial success
  • Motivate employees to focus on specific performance objectives
  • Reward employees annually based on overall Company performance

Electrical Equipment List

  • Level Machine
  • Therdolyte Machine for line survey work
  • Earth Tester
  • Megger (500V, 1000 V & 2500 V)
  • motorized megger
  • Filter Machine (24000 lit per hour) 500 GPH
  • Oil Testing Kit
  • Cube testing machine with pressure gauge
  • Cube Module
  • 40 & 25 mm dia Needle
  • 40 mm dia 6 mtr long Flex Shaft
  • Slum Cone
  • ARC & Single phase Wielding Machine with all accessories
  • Tongue Tester (clamp meter)
  • multimeter
  • Painting machine
  • Drill Machine
  • Crimping Machine
  • Hydraulic compression Machine
  • Hand Drill Machine
  • Grinder
  • Double pully
  • Triple pully
  • Single pully
  • Pipe wrench, Ring wrench, Disc wrench